PLAYER project

The aim of PLAYER (Play and Learn as Young European entRepreneur) project is to foster the entrepreneurial mindset of the young player/user. To reach this goal, the PLAYER consortium decided to use a playful approach thanks to the development of an online game.

PLAYER Project will start with the design and implementation of a game set in an immersive entrepreneurial environment. It will involve at least 3.500 players from several countries throughout Europe and will be the means through which a European wide contest will be carried out. The choice of a game is due to its strict link with the idea of competition. We decided to opt in particular for an online game because young people are more familiar with and more attracted by playful instruments. The rules and storylines of the game will be purposefully created to promote the image of entrepreneurs and to develop entrepreneurial skill of the participants.

The objective of the PLAYER project is the stimulation of the entrepreneurial mindset of young people outside the educational environment, by organizing a European wide award based on a playful approach. The choice to base the contest on a game and to develop it on the web will allow the project to target also some subjects who are hardly involved in entrepreneurship education (e.g. young people living in areas with a high rate of school dropouts, disadvantaged groups, young isolated people).

The game will be structured so as to be usable also in high schools and universities involved in the project in the form of experiential learning with a European dimension, thus the development of innovative experiential learning material on entrepreneurship for higher education will be fulfilled.

The project will involve partners coming from 7 countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Serbia and the United Kingdom. However, the contest organized will be open to every European young people including those from countries outside the partnership; equal opportunities will be granted to any participants whatever his/her nationality. The consortium members, notably EBN, gathering more than 200 members all over Europe, are, if not members of, well connected to international networks like the International Association of Science Park, the Enterprise Europe Network and will therefore allow a wide promotion of the game and the uptake by youngsters from all over the European Union.