National award ceremony held in Serbia


Attracting young players and would be entrepreneurs is not an easy task. Thus, the UNS (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) team has chosen December to be a month of promotion.

Serbian national award ceremony was held in Novi Sad at the Faculty of Economics on 18. March 2011.

The first, monetary, prize was awarded by the vice Dean to the two players sharing the first place, while the third and fourth place were awarded non monetary prizes.


Final Seminar & Award Ceremony


Final Seminar & Award Ceremony will take place on 25 March 2011 in Covilhã, Portugal at the University of Beira Interior to announce the six most innovative national ideas and the winning PLAYER of 2011 – European Prize.

The project funded by DG Enterprise and Industry, Play and Learn as Young European entRepreneurs (PLAYER), has developed an online game set up on FACEBOOK to foster the mindset of young users all around Europe.

Young entrepreneurs from all Europe enter the game and learn together the challenges of setting up a business, with the support of experienced advisors (BICs, Agencies, Universities), based in 7 different countries, that will stimulate the learning environment, the game play and showcase of winning ideas.

(SAVE THE DATE! 25th March 2011 – PLAYER Final Seminar & Award Ceremony), Programme & registration form enclosed

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National prize winners – SERBIA


Following several months of PLAYER, Serbian competitors showed great interest adding up in number a third of total players involved in a game. In this fierce competition for the national prize the best result has been presented by:





The final results are based on several important criteria:

  • overall activity during the game,
  • challenges taken,
  • time invested in idea explanation,
  • quality of business plan evaluated by the panel of experts and
  • possibilities of idea implementation in real terms/time.

The award ceremony will take place on 18th March at the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad at 11 a.m.


National prize for young entrepreneurs from Serbia


Serbian prize winner will be announced on 11th of March 2011. on PLAYER web page, based on progress made during the game and evaluation of business plan submitted till 1st of March.

The National award ceremony will be held in Novi Sad, on the premises of the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad on 18th of March 2011. The first prize will be monetary comprising of 500 euros.


Technical assistance will be available online


For Technical assistance online with regards project development you can contact us in the following days Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. CET by:
Skype address: Albertos4376
e-mail address:


Serbia starts PLAYING


Attracting young players and would be entrepreneurs is not an easy task. Thus, the UNS (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) team has chosen December to be a month of promotion.

The promotional events have taken place at the different faculties of the University of Novi Sad, as well as in the high schools where the students were more eager and trilled to take participation.

Joyful young faces and the rising number of players coming from Serbia prove the success of the undertaken endeavor.


PLAYER Launches Live across Europe: University of East London


PLAYER's London Launch happened on a live video link to the main event in Brussels. Attending students got to exchange views with guest entrepreneurs during the London PLAYER event networking lunch.

Central to the London event was the Business-Pitch Workshop. Keeping a business pitch short and sweet is a staple of day-to-day businessmaking, and naturally features as part of the European Entrepreneurship Competition in PLAYER.

And the London PLAYER Event made sure to get attending students to exercise their pitch delivery skills. Thirteen attendants did an elevator pitch of a business idea for an audience, and the best three pitches out of the thirteen were streamed live to the Brussels Event.

Link for video:


PLAYER European Entrepreneurship Competition Launch on October 25th


The official launch of the PLAYER European Entrepreneurship Competition is on the 25th of October in the Portuguese Permanent Representation to the European Union, in Brussels. The PLAYER Competition kickoff will happen live in multiple European Cities which will host their own events connected to the Brussels launch.

The PLAYER Brussels kickoff will feature in the EBN Smart Entrepreneurship Festival. Throughout the launch day, the next crop of young entrepreneurs attending the PLAYER launch will be able to exchange viewpoints with successful business innovators and entrepreneurs.

The prizes for the winners of the PLAYER Competition will be announced in Brussels, with the winners being announced on the PLAYER award ceremony to be hosted in Portugal in the end of January.


Videojogos2010 Conference in Lisbon


Attendants at the Videojogos2010 Conference in Lisbon were able to try out the software aspects of PLAYER all day on September 16th. Videojogos is already on its third edition as an academia and industry conference on the Art and Science of Videogames in Portugal.

This year's edition was hosted by the IST technical college of Lisbon on the IST campus in Oeiras, Portugal. The portuguese Institute for Computational Sciences and Engineering (INESC) and the Portuguese Society for Videogame Sciences (SPCV) were the co-host organizations.

The PLAYER showcase demo was available for conference attendants to try out, and fliers for PLAYER were handed out. A poster for PLAYER was part of the official roll of posters for the Videojogos2010 conference.


19th EBN Congress in Burgos


The very first demonstration of PLAYER in action took place throughout the 19th EBN Congress in Burgos, Spain, from the 30th of June to to the 2nd of October, 2010. Congress attendants were able to interact with a build of PLAYER, and freely interact with the PLAYER team. Attendants displayed interest in PLAYER as a dynamic, fresh initiative in entrepreneurship education.

The yearly EBN Congress is a smart entrepreneurship festival, during which smart people share smart ideas in open discussion. This year's edition, which also marks the 25th anniversary of the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), sought to stimulate discussion on the business strategy for 2020 Europe through the pillars of business, collaborative, digital, socially responsible and total services models.

Aside from the success stories and brand new insights on display at Burgos, attendants were treated to the inaugural PLAYER showcase, and were able to see and feel what PLAYER is all about.