What is PLAYER

What is PLAYER?

PLAYER – Play and Learn As a Young European entrepReneur – is a europe-wide Entrepreneurship Competition, funded by the EU’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, fueled by the expertise of Business Innovation Incubators and Business and Management Universities from seven European countries and open to contestants from all over the world.

By following this link to PLAYER, you will go to the PLAYER application page on Facebook. Here, you can create your PLAYER profile and get started as a contestant in the European Entrepreneurship Competition.

PLAYER allows young people, even outside the context of formal education to build sound business thinking, acquire sharp business instincts, and learn just what it takes to start a successful business, by developing a business idea in incremental changes, in a fun, relaxed, collaborative environment, with an exciting ongoing competition, with help from business experts from all over Europe.

PLAYER’s starting stage is the profile stage which allows people to become contestants in the European Entrepreneurship Competition. PLAYER’s knowledge tools help people be creative and collaborate in developing a Portfolio for their business idea, with votes on the portfolio going towards a person’s ranking in the Competition. On the flash game Sink-or-Swim, contestants get to take the first steps in defining the overall dynamics of their would-be business, and then test out these dynamics in an interactive concept map (just watch the water level!).

Contestants then get a Funding Recommendation tailored to their profile as businesspeople, which provides a range of early funding options they should focus on. PLAYER can then automatically generate an Executive Summary which gathers all the previous learning stages of a contestant.

Just like in real-life, getting a business idea on the hands of experts who matter requires PLAYER contestants to get in the spotlight. PLAYER Challenges rounds will not only test contestant business acumen, but also their ability to write a catchy subjectline when trying to get the attention of investors. Contestants who win a Challenge Round will get their Executive Summaries evaluated. The contestant will then download a self-contained, professional-grade business plan creation tool, and will get to upload their completed business plan, where they apply everything they’ve learned in PLAYER. The Business Plan is the graduating stage of PLAYER, where the previous stages were approximations and learning exercises for the professional output the contestant now produces for the Business Plan. The Business Plan will finally be assessed by business experts to determine the competition winners.

The five winning business ideas will be those of the top ranking contestants after all the rounds of the Competition have been assessed (with grade from the final Business Plan round counting heavily for the end ranking). With the contacts made in the award ceremony, the knowhow acquired and the PLAYER Competition prizes, the winning business ideas will be all set for success in the world of business.