Final Seminar & Award Ceremony

Final seminar of PLAYER Project, so as to stimulate the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the young Europeans between the 15 and 30 years through a contest-based Game on entrepreneurship in Facebook.

More than 2600 ideas of business presented in all Europe!

Serbia, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, England and Spain have been the countries distinguished in the competition of Player 2011, the competition with more than 2.600 business ideas submitted online by young people coming from the 27 European countries. The best ideas were showcased on the 25th of March 2011. during the Final Seminar, hosted by the leader of the project (CIEBI/BIC) – in Portugal.


The University of Beira Interior (UBI) was the place chosen for the closing Seminar of PLAYER 2011. The Seminar was divided in three panels (download all presentations):

  1. Entrepreneurship and Creativity;
  2. Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation;
  3. Scientific and Technological System and entrepreneurship

During the second panel the PLAYER partners had the opportunity to share their experiences; this occasion was good in order to rationalize how digital innovation/digital support can foster the creation of new companies.

The Award Ceremony was reserved for the end of the afternoon.

The Italian Project, presented by the young entrepreneur - Edgardo Loba (IT) and the Italian partner from INNOVA BIC has been appointed as the European Winner. Edgardo said “It is a great emotion to be here, I’m sure that PLAYER will allow my idea to move forward”. “We are sure that we will have Edgardo’s Globochase application on our Smartphone soon”, said Alberto Soraci, the Italian PLAYER partner.


More in detail:

The European idea was focused on the development of a mashup of web 2.0 based application for mobile computing (smartphones) oriented to indexing geolocalized pictures. The idea named GLOBOCHASE was awarded with a great price package:

  1. International Fairs in Europe (networking & partnering opportunities)
    1. Innovact 2011/12
    2. Career September 2011
  2. Consultancy services (37.5h with EBN experts)
  3. Training programme (Reims Management School)

Great ideas came also from other partners:

The Serbian players were awarded with a Serbian National Prize (€500) that was shared among two players who demonstrated the highest involvement in PLAYER and were the most enthusiastic about their engagement in educational part of the PLAYER – writing the business plan.

  • Dragana KUŠLJIĆ, student of Faculty of Economics Subotica, with the idea of “Fast Pasta”, healthier fast food dedicated to mainly young, urban people who are tired of currently available fast food.
  • Ivan FERKO, sophomore student of Electro – technical High School, with the idea “Fake Brain” offering tutorial books for certain software, enabling good affordable knowledge and inspiring creativity.

The Portuguese players were awarded with 3 honorable mentions:

  • Amílcar Baptista, idea “Gate2Tech”, for having successfully completed all phases of the competition;
  • Mário Rui Castro, idea “TriBioGen”, for achieving 2nd place in the Portuguese ranking;
  • Vasco Almeida Reis, idea “Polycarbonates extrusion profiles”, for achieving 3rd place in the Portuguese ranking.

An honorable mention was attributed also to the UK player with the Business Idea- IRevise – The Evolution of Technology. iRevise is an interactive touch pad that allows the user to communicate with the teacher during her lessons. IRevise was proposed by a student of EastLea School

A special award was given to the country with most competitors:

  • 1st place: Serbia – awarded to University of Novi Sad for dissemination (893 participants).
  • 2nd place: Portugal – awarded to UTAD for dissemination (545 participants).

Although the competition is over and the winners have been awarded based on their overall progress, the PLAYER will be available to everyone on Facebook as a helpful educational tool. Eliminating all barriers (age, territory, education) the common interest will be to motivate potential entrepreneurs bridge their gaps towards market implementation of their ideas.